I am a clinical/forensic psychologist licensed in the state of Colorado. I provide Parental Responsibilities Evaluations for the Court and associated therapy and assessments. My office is located in Centennial, Colorado. 

My role as an evaluator is to assist parents, attorneys, and judges in determining the allocation of parental responsibilities, including parenting time, decision making and providing a comprehensive evaluation of the family system. The goal in an evaluation is to make recommendations describing a constructive situation for maximizing the child’s relationship with each parent.  The aim is to preserve the opportunity for future relating between each parent and child.

I am an impartial expert either appointed by the Court or stipulated to by the parties.  I have extensive experience in Parental Responsibilities Evaluations, and am active in the field through written and seminar presentations on child custody issues as well as serving actively on the Metropolitan Denver Interdisciplinary Committee (MDIC).

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Kevin Albert, Psy.D., P.C.